Beginning Ballet

From a very young age children can develop a love of dance.  At JBA, our youngest classes are run as an introduction to ballet.  Children wear ballet uniform and learn the foundations of ballet technique, while developing their love of movement.  Small props are sometimes incorporated and children develop their understanding of the techniques and performance they are learning through basic storylines and themes, which keep them engaged.  A wide variety of music is used, from classical music to nursery rhymes.  Children in these classes will develop an understanding of the disciplines required for a ballet class in preparation for progressing through our RAD syllabus classes.

RAD Ballet Classes

The Royal Academy of Dance is recognised internationally for the highest standards of teaching and learning in ballet. We teach the RAD ballet syllabus and encourage children to take examinations.  The recent syllabus updates offer children the opportunity to really dance and to gain an understanding of how the technical foundations they have learned fit into performance. I believe that these classes instil a lifelong passion for dance whilst providing safe and exemplary technical training.

Ballet Shoes

RAD Vocational Ballet

The RAD Vocational Grades were created with the serious student in mind.  They build on the strong technical foundations learnt in Grades 1-5 and prepare those students who wish to take this route, for further training.  For those without a desire to pursue further training, these syllabi are still an excellent addition to the higher grades.  For students who possess the technical ability and dedication, this is also the point where pointe work may be introduced.

RAD Higher Grades

The Higher Grades (Grades 6, 7 and 8) were originally developed to provide continued ballet training and exams for students who did not wish to pursue a career in ballet, or who, for whatever reason, wanted to focus more of the performance aspect of ballet than the technical.  However, due to difference in style, most students at JBA study the higher grades and the vocational grades alongside each other for a more rounded ballet training.


Other Genres

At JBA our main focus is Classical Ballet.  However, we also provide Tap and Lyrical classes in which pupils can learn a variety of styles within these genres.  These classes are technique and performance focused.  Pupils can join these classes once they are in Primary Ballet or have reached the required age.  Also open to students are our regular workshops. These vary in content.  They may focus on technique or performance, they may introduce pupils to a new genre or they may be with a guest teacher.